Mediterranean herbal water Soul soothing formula Rose Lavender




A naturally soothing source for sensitive skins
It works by toning, disinfecting and moisturizing the skin, leaving it soft, fine, refreshed and disinfected. You will feel overwhelmed by the soothing softness. This exquisite mist will fascinate you with its delicate scent of orange lavender essential oils. Furthermore, all the gentle purity of rose water, lavender water, chamomile water, amamelis water ,Propolis, aloe and glycerin will provide you with long-lasting protection. Refreshing and uplifting, it soothes both skin and senses – imparting precious moisture and infusing cells with antioxidant protection in order to protect skin against environmental stresses. You should always have this herbal water in your bag. After washing your face, spray it from a short distance or use it as a simple toner to clean your skin. You can use it as many times you like during the day in order to clean and refresh the skin from dust and pollution. Spray it once and wipe to clean the skin and spray it again, letting it dry on your face and moisturize your skin. It gives moisture and vitality to skin just like an expensive cream!

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