Tangerine Spice Moisturizing Beeswax/Shea Butter Lotion Bar





Lotion in a solid bar form! How great is that?!

Made with a blend of organic yellow beeswax to act as a protective barrier for your skin and shea butter & olive oil for moisturising and softening even the roughest skin.

Packed with a beautiful zesty yet warm and spicy aroma of ginger, tangerine and cinnamon essential oils that can get you in a cozy mood especially during autumn and Christmas time!

The essential oil blend is specifically chosen for its antidepressant qualities that are proven to reduce stress hormone levels and pulse rate. Exactly what most of us need!

The lotion bars are solid at room temperature but once in contact with the body heat, they melt down just enough to keep your skin soft and smooth, but not greasy.

All you need to do is rub the lotion bar on extra dry areas of your body (eg. hands, arms, elbows, legs, knees, heels etc.) and let the natural oils/butters and beeswax soak in and do wonders. After use, just pop the lotion bar into it’s tin for the next use.

Each bar comes in it’s own eco friendly tin, which makes it very practical and convenient to carry in your bag or travels.

– No added chemicals. Preservatives were not necessary due to the lack of added water in the formulation.

– These bars are vegetarian, not vegan as they contain beeswax.

– For external use only

– This lotion bar may soften in the presence of prolonged high heat. It can be however cooled back to its primary state by placing it in a cool area.

Handcrafted with pure ingredients :
Pure Olive Oil, organic beeswax, Shea Butter, Ginger Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil


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